Cradle Sunday Pro-Life Ministry

The Parish Respect Life Ministry conducts monthly Cradle Sunday weekend collections on the last weekend of each month throughout the year. Proceeds benefit the three Catholic-oriented crisis pregnancy clinics in the greater Phoenix area: Life Choices Women's Clinic, First Way and Aid to Women Center. Volunteers from our parish Respect Life Team and from each of the three clinics collect donations of baby goods and other items needed by the clinics after each Mass on Cradle Sunday weekends. Respect Life also conducts Spiritual Adoption in the parish. This program is designed to have parish members pray for babies in danger of abortion. Forms, prayer cards and enrollment forms are available in the vestibule of each church. Parishioners may enter the nine-month spiritual adoption program any time of the year. Respect Life Ministry also makes available to parishioners, blank copies of Advance Medical Directives (AMDs). AMDs are written instructions regarding your health care when/if you become incapacitated. These AMDs are an adaptation of the National Right to Life Committee „Will to Live‟, are approved by the Diocese and are in accord with the Statutes of the State of Arizona. The blank copies come complete with instructions for their completion. For more information on any of the above or about how to help or join our Respect Life Team.


Maryann Marchesa