Catholic Education in Phoenix

 Why Catholic school?

In choosing a Catholic school, you are providing your student with the spiritual developmental and academic skills they will need to build a bright future. Catholic schools in our Diocese set high expectations with a challenging curriculum, hold a proven record of academic excellence, promote self-discipline with moral values to serve others and help develop leadership, have caring and effective teachers, teach respect of self and others and prepare students to be productive citizens and good stewards of resources.

  • Catholic schools provide unsurpassed academic excellence in a faith-filled environment.
  • Catholic schools partner with parents, their child’s primary educators, in their children’s faith formation.
  • Catholic schools expect much from students and work closely with them to help them succeed.
  • Catholic schools offer an advanced curriculum that educates the total child—spirit, mind, and body.
  • Catholic schools embrace the role of technology in the world and educate students to use it responsibly.
  • Catholic schools place an emphasis on service to the whole world, instilling students with a sense of moral responsibility that includes self-discipline and respect for self and others.
  • Catholic schools give students the sense that they are citizens of a larger world that needs them to be productive citizens and strong future leaders.
  • Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix have a 99.9% graduation rate, with 99% of students going on to higher education or service.
  • Catholic schools welcome everyone.


The closest Catholic schools to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish are:

  • St. Thomas Aquinas School (pre-school - 8th Grade) - 13720 W. Thomas Road, Avondale (
  • St. John Paul II Catholic High School (9th - 12th Grades) - 3120 N. 137th Ave, Avondale (


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