Catholic Daughters

We are the largest National Organization of Catholic Women in the world. We were founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus in New York as an opportunity for Catholic women to belong to a fraternal organization and to help them improve themselves spiritually, intellectually and socially. Members must be 18 years or older and be a practicing Catholic. We promote Catholic values.

We meet the third Wednesday of each month, September through May, in Madonna Hall at 9:30 am at Our Lady of Lourdes church.

On a local level we usually have three fund raisers each year. We have a Spaghetti Dinner in October, a Christmas Cookie Walk in December and a Rummage and Bake Sale at the end of February. We distribute our funds to various charities in the spring.

We support St. Vincent De Paul, Hospice, Seminarians, Right to Life, a Crisis Nursery and several other charities. We support the National CDA Charities as well as our State Court. We send delegates to the bi-annual State Convention.

Rummage Sale Highlights

A huge thank you to everyone who worked at our Rummage Sale!  It was a huge success and we could not have done it without all your work.

Catholic Daughters Officers 2016-2017

(From Left to Right)

Barbara Westenberg, Treasurer; Melinda Kelling, Secretary; Rosemary Dougherty, Vice Regent; 
Joyce Stalians, Regent; Jackie Mailki - Financial Secretary

While we may look like a serene group in this picture, our lives and schedule do not make serenity possible.   To schedule a board meeting that did not conflict with someone’s schedule, we met on a Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm.  If you were to list all the activities of the board members, there may not be a group or ministry that we do not cover.  With our being schedules, we will be asking members to step up and say 'yes' to help with our activities.  We know that you may have restrictions or a busy schedule as well, but we will work around them. We want everyone to be involved and we’re looking forward to an active, happy, busy year. 

The National Regent’s Motto is “Serve the Lord with Gladness”.  
That’s a beautiful goal and we hope you will join us as we accept it as our goal.