2016 - 2017 Year-End Report

 2016 - 2017 Year-End Report Highlights

    • Total Operating Income was 5% over budget primarily due to Other Income which includes Market Value Adjustments from our investment accounts, Program Income, Estates & Bequests, Stole Fees, Bulletin Income, and Rental Income.  Plate Income was 1% over budget and represented 76% of our Operating Income.
    • Total Operating Expenses were 15% over budget or $341,890 of which $331,898 was depreciation.  Depreciation is a non-cash item.  Thus, on a purely cash basis, our Operating Income exceeded Operating Expenses by $145,407.
    • Our parishioners contributed $293,001 directly to the diocesan Charity and Development Appeal (CDA), which exceeded our diocesan set goal of $290,000.  This represents 101% of our goal which 77% participation.  Our thanks to Jim Geffre, the CDA Committee, and you for again exceeding our goal.

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